© 2020 Crown & Glory Pageants Limited  

Crown & Glory Pageants was founded in 2012 by Hannah Tordoff

Directors Hannah Tordoff and Hannah Travers.

Registered and trade marked 2016.

Registration number: 10170039





Reining UK Queens 

Woman Crown & Glory UK 2019

Jayne Warburton is our 2019 - 2020 Woman Crown & Glory UK. 

Jayne was awarded with the MRS UK WORLD opportunity at the UK finals and has accepted the position of Woman C&G UK from November to 2020 hand over. 








Ms Crown & Glory UK 2019-2020

Jill Fogg is a our new 2019 UK Ms. 

Last year Jill won the opportunity to compete in Natural beauty International and came back to try for the UK title. 


Jill also won the Highest scoring contestant out of the Teen, Miss & Ms division for Sport/swimwear and Evening wear. 


Miss Crown & Glory UK 2019-2020

Shannon Hutcheon is our new 2019 UK Miss. 


Shannon also scored the highest our of the Miss & Ms in the Interview round, made the most public appearances out of the Teen, miss & Ms and won the Charity UK title raising £540.00.




Teen Crown & Glory UK 2019 - 2020

Charlotte Rich is our new 2019 UK Teen Queen. 

Charlotte also won the UK Charity title for raising the most in her division.



Junior Crown & Glory UK 2019 - 2020

Georgia Gibbons is our new 2019 UK junior

Georgia also won the awards for fun fashion and Interview.


Little Miss Crown & Glory UK 2019 - 2020

Gabi McMillan is our 2019 UK Little Miss. 

Gabi has returned to us a following year after being crowned little miss charity uk 2018. 


Gabi has worked tirelessly winning the side award best in eveningwear and making the most public appearances. 

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