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Crown & Glory Pageants was founded in 2012 by Hannah Tordoff

Directors Hannah Tordoff and Hannah Travers.

Registered and trade marked 2016.

Registration number: 10170039








Our Pageant

  Crown & Glory Pageant has been set up to provide a fun, friendly experience which encourages working within the community, charity work and making friends for life with ladies from all over the UK and Europe. 


Being one of the biggest UK based pageant we aim to give you the knowledge and experience which you could use in ours or other national/European/International pageants.


Crown & Glory Pageants ensure that all judging is carried out fairly and honestly by professional judges within the industry.

Any size, shape, colour, religion, sexuality and ages are accepted into the pageant and judged for what they have done, type of role model they will be/are, will they promote the title and are they happy and confident. We are looking for a lady to represent the title which in turn will give our charity 'Abbie's Army' more promotion.


  We aim to provide a memorable experience from 5 years old to any woman in the UK whether you are married, have children or don't! Every lady is welcome to apply. 


The Grand Finals of Crown & Glory are in the UK and are a fun, confidence increasing event, ensuring you leave with a smile on your face. 


Most of our finalists whether they are a UK finalist, semi-finalist or regional finalist would have never competed in a pageant before. We aim to give experience and confidence in pageants! Our team will be with you before and during the event to ensure your needs are met and questions are answered to the best of our ability. 


You will have a lot of fun, make new friends, win fantastic prizes, help a wonderful deserving cause and leave with a smile on your face.


If your application if successful and you make it through to the grand finals, there is a fee to be paid which covers the cost of your place into the competition. This can be covered by yourself or by sponsorship. We also now accept payment plans over the course of three months with final payment to be made 1 month before the pageant,  to help make your dream possible.

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